Molly Christian

Molly is a pious person of great standing in her community. She has studied all of the major world religions and discovered that Christianity is the correct religion. Through her journey, she has developed a daily meditation/prayer ritual that brings her very close to God. On one occasion, she received a message from an Angel. Because she handled herself well, God now sends her messages directly. Please do not misunderstand. Molly does not hear the voice of God or see Angels. She “just knows” the message. Her most recent message is of great importance. She has tried to email the Vatican to alert the Pope, but his followers are refusing to allow her contact. She is considering contacting Billy Graham if the Pope’s office doesn’t respond soon. Occasionally, Sally had found herself teaching customers at her work, which has resulted in her being fired. She doesn’t mind as the work of God is more important than the work of man. Sally dresses appropriately, is well groomed, and is well liked by her family and neighbors-they just think she’s a little too religious.

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