Greg Bigboy

Greg and his wife come to therapy because they’ve been married a year and never had intercourse. The wife is contemplating divorce and cries throughout the session. Greg squirms in his seat and looks dejected. Next week, Greg comes back alone (by your request) for a full sexual history. You find out that Greg cannot remember the last time he had an erection, although he knows he has had them in the past. In addition, as a 24 year-old male, he has never had an orgasm. Upon further discussion, you find out that he finds most of the intimacy portrayed on TV and in the movies to be appalling and appears to lack any interest in being with his wife or any other person. After several sessions, you have a tearful one where by Greg describes his mother as a tyrant who would slap his penis with a ruler if he appeared to wash himself with too much pleasure. The last time his mother monitored his bathing was when he was 17. They had a huge fight and Greg threw his mother out of the bathroom. The most shaming part was that he had to get out of the shower while he was naked and wrestle with his mother.

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