Barbara Alateen

Barbara is a 16 year-old Caucasian female. She has been in the out-of-home care system for three years and is currently living in a group home for girls. Barbara was sexually and physically abused by her father and mother from age six to age 13. The abuse was finally discovered when Barbara told her secret to the school counselor. Efforts to reunify Barbara with her biological parents after placement were futile. Her parents refused to cooperate in case planning and continued to deny allegations of abuse.

Barbara is an only child. She was a premature infant and exhibited signs of failure to thrive. She is described as being "sad and withdrawn" most of the time. She is of above average intelligence but has great difficulty in school and is in special classes. Barbara is "gifted" in art and languages. Barbara has been in four foster homes in three years. Her last placement was with a foster family for one year before entering the group home. They had wanted to pursue adoption but when they discovered that Barbara was abusing alcohol and was sexually active, they changed their mind.

They believed that alcohol abuse showed that Barbara was "willfully going against their religious beliefs." When they tried to get help for the problem, Barbara ran away. She was a week later found a drug rehab program. Barbara has been participating in individual counseling and attending the required ALA-Teen meetings. She is beginning to make friends for the first time.

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