Writing in APA Style

APA (American Psychological Association) Style in writing term papers has been a source of concern for students over the years, in a variety of majors. Part of the problem comes from the size of the APA Style Guide. Part of the problem is there is more than one APA style. For writing papers in this class, use the APA Manuscript Style. There is an exception to this. If you are presenting independent research for publication, use the publication format.

Sometimes it seems professors create thier own APA Style. For me, the APA Style Guide is used and my comments in papers will reference the section of the guide that covers that topic so you can read more if you wish. The current version of the APA Style Guide is the 6th Edition. You may get everything you need to know about this from the APA website. The link is: http://flash1r.apa.org/apastyle/basics/index.htm. It's probably a good book to own for your professional library, but this website may provide what you need for writing papers.

The Psychology Department at National University has published an APA Style Guide - Version 6 summary and it can be found by clicking here. Also a guide on what constitutes a peer-reviewed reviewed article is here.

A grading rubric for APA Style can be found in this link. This is what will be used to calculate grades on the paper(s).

You may want to send papers in for review prior to submitting them. Please leave me at least 24 hours if you want me to review a paper in advance. You will get feedback via e-mail if you send them to Edward.Pierce@natuniv.edu.

Corrections to APA style guide 6 (Nov. 11, 2009)